Success perception

With internet access and high tech gadgets widespread, success is more rampant than ever. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a big example of success. Or will you?

Pay close attention, appearances is the big selling point of this age. You can replace technical and practical knowledge with a good social skills and mascarades of happiness and wealth.

In my life, I was able to see, live and mate with two-faced people who were capable to deceive others to look like a successful person. In reality, they were very miserable and their sole source of happiness came from the validation they received for their higher level of “success” compared to the John Nobody Doe. I was used by some of them a few times before I could realize their true nature. Specifically talking about an ex who used me, it was the hardest one because there was the emotion factor blurrying my vision until the relationship ended. (I’ll make a post about it in the future).

Needless to say that this fake success is well received by a blind society that accepts appearances as a solid measure of trustworthy people. That’s when these fake people can step on others to grow more and more in both financially and socially. They can use social media to exponentially increase their means of deception through other people who sympathize with their lies. I’ll call them puppets.

The puppets think that they receive success by osmosis or by being associated to successful people. While this works sometimes, specially when they’re two-faced themselves, they get burned most of the time and if they’re stubborn enough they will be a lifetime puppet living off peanuts thrown by their master once in a while and tid bit of validation from their master’s adorers.

Some say that these people can’t fake forever, that one day they will stumble and fall. The sad truth is, even if they fall, all the wealth and influence will be enough to remedy their “exposure”. In fact, they can become cured in the eyes of society and start to do good deeds and overcome the corruption that lead them to a featured place in the world. To late right? To me, there’s no redemption for these people, unless they give up of all the wealth and influence they’ve achieved with their shady bussiness, which they won’t of course.

It’s very hard to distinguish real and faked success when you’re an outside observer. You have to dig personal details and hopefully see the stumbles this person had to make sure your assumption is consistent. One thing you can’t never do though, is trying to “expose” these people, the odds are that an army of adorers will crush you before you can even finish showing your proofs.

Sadly we’re living in a society full of these people, masters of deception. And the only way I see to fight them is with as many or more real successful people with good will and courage to sacrifice and fight against these fakers. I don’t bet my money on that and I keep living my life with both eyes opened to try to catch them before they can use me as their social ladder.


Venting for the first time

Welcome, first post. Writing is an attempt of therapy for me. This is my first time writing a blog and I hope to engage discussions with like minded and different minded people. I think there’s a strong need for discussion of certain topics that I don’t see very often over the web. Anyway here’s my short “get it off my chest” text:

The problems of the world are due to the lack of honesty, compassion, introspection, humility and minimalism. Mankind was born in a natural state, without anything and that’s the way mankind should perish.

The fact is that everyone wants everything in this high tech era, including being better than others. Competition took over any forms of community living, even though nobody needs to dispute the lamb’s meat to survive. It’s a futile and greedy incoherence fueled by selfish corporations that ruin the world with their pointless quest for generating infinite money, an arbitrary measure of societal self-worth.

~We are all lost in the middle of the well. The bottom has yet to be reached. If you live a few more decades you will see the 21th century New Dark Ages.~