Venting for the first time

Welcome, first post. Writing is an attempt of therapy for me. This is my first time writing a blog and I hope to engage discussions with like minded and different minded people. I think there’s a strong need for discussion of certain topics that I don’t see very often over the web. Anyway here’s my short “get it off my chest” text:

The problems of the world are due to the lack of honesty, compassion, introspection, humility and minimalism. Mankind was born in a natural state, without anything and that’s the way mankind should perish.

The fact is that everyone wants everything in this high tech era, including being better than others. Competition took over any forms of community living, even though nobody needs to dispute the lamb’s meat to survive. It’s a futile and greedy incoherence fueled by selfish corporations that ruin the world with their pointless quest for generating infinite money, an arbitrary measure of societal self-worth.

~We are all lost in the middle of the well. The bottom has yet to be reached. If you live a few more decades you will see the 21th century New Dark Ages.~


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